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Useful Information 

​The Beautiful You MRKH Foundation is a supportive online home where you can be yourself! We promote self-esteem, and empower girls and women with MRKH to embrace their beauty, just as they are. We welcome members from around the world, and believe that through our differences, we will find our greatest strengths. We look forward to hearing your unique story and sharing our community with you and your families. 

We started the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation because we survived the devastating diagnosis of MRKH; fought hard battles with ourselves and others as we accepted our diagnoses; and emerged as strong, determined, resilient and deeply caring women who understand and accept you just as you are–beautifully, perfectly, exquisitely you. The mission of the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation is to create a supportive community that partners with health care professionals to increase awareness and empower women of all ages with MRKH to feel beautiful, just as they are.

MRKH Norge

MRKH Norge is a Norwegian MRKH non-governmental organization (NGO) offering support for women with the MRKH Syndrome in Scandinavia. MRKH Norge works with specialists in Norway and Denmark to help and allow for a better understanding of the experiences and processes which can affect a woman when diagnosed with MRKH, ensuring the best treatment is made available.

MRKH Norge also works consistently to raise awareness of MRKH in Europe, to educate and inform in addition to providing ongoing support and connectivity amongst this unique community. You can follow MRKH Norge on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest @mrkhnorge.

This wonderful organisation also inspires women through an online 'motivational quote page’.

MRKH Connect

MRKH Connect is a registered charity that was established in 2014. This site was created to provide an online platform for women around the world to link with one another. Understanding the importance of meeting other women with MRKH, the founders of MRKH Connect fully appreciate that this isn’t always possible, so they created a way to do this by aiding  women to see that having MRKH doesn’t have to be isolating and that there is a whole community of supportive women.

MRKH Connect aims to create a safe, informative, and supportive place where there is a database of women with MRKH to connect with.

To create a website that medical professionals refer girls and women with MRKH to, that provides guidance and peer support through their initial diagnosis.

To spread awareness through fundraising events so MRKH Connect can help fund trips to hospitals, support groups and meetings for women with MRKH.  MRKH Connect works closely with the Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital in London, UK who can further assist with any direct questions or queries with regards to diagnosis or treatment of MRKH. 

Mid-Atlantic MRKH: Strength & Unity

At the Mid-Atlantic MRKH: Strength & Unity group our aim is to promote the emotional and physical well-being of women with MRKH in the greater mid-Atlantic region by strengthening ties between affected women and their families, and helping women learn to embrace the identity of being a MRKH woman.

Our goals and current activities involve organizing local and regional peer-led, all ages, face to face support groups for MRKH women and their families, friends and significant others in the Mid-Atlantic state region.

​MRKH Russia 

MRKH Russia has been formed to encourage all women diagnosed with MRKH, especially those located in Russia, to seek their inner confidence and acceptance of this diagnosis. MRKH Russia advocates for ongoing and up to date knowledge of this condition in addition to providing the tools so a woman will find a way to live alongside MRKH and not in it. 

"Дорогие девушки, этот сайт создан для всех вас, прекрасных и сильных женщин с синдромом СМРК. Здесь вы найдете поддержку, а также всю необходимую информацию о нашем диагнозе".

Asso-MRKH France 

​​Rokitansky’s Syndrome-MRKH association is the French association with an international focus. Asso-MRKH France cares about all  aspects of MRKH, from diagnosis to family planning. The organisation, established in 2006 supports and advocates for young women during this challenging journey in addition to working and collaboration with healthcare professionals.


Global MRKH is the first consortium formed to improve the health and well-being for all who are touched by MRKH. Global MRKH is an international collective of Health Care Specialists, Researchers and Advocacy groups dedicated to improving patient care, biomedical research and the psychosocial needs of affected individuals and family members.

The Founders of the Global MRKH are Alison Hensley, Amy C. Lossie, PhD, Christina Ruth and Jaqi Quinlan. The founders act as independent members of Global MRKH, forming the first official international consortium of MRKH organisation leaders, community representatives, health care professionals and adults who have been diagnosed with MRKH.