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What treatment is available?


​Treatment options can vary from woman to woman depending on their personal choices and medical needs. Most commonly, a woman will develop a vagina through vaginal dilation.  This is successful in at least 85% of women, and is considered 1st line treatment of MRKH.  Surgical options have been performed such as The McIndoe Vaginoplasty procedure, which uses a split skin graft to create a neo vagina. Another procedure which is sometimes performed is the Vecchietti procedure. The Vecchietti procedure is a surgical technique that acts as a rapid traction device, threading an ‘olive’ shaped dimple against the vaginal area, drawing this through the abdomen for external traction.  This can be done via keyhole surgery or traditional open technique. Both procedures require post-surgical dilation. ​​Surgery is not 100% successful, and is not without risk, therefore it should only be considered as an option in circumstances where graduated vaginal dilator therapy has been unsuccessful.Treatment should always be discussed with the appropriately trained medical professionals such as a Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecologist. ​ ​Should you wish to make contact with physicians who specialise in MRKH, please contact the Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation for further information.