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Big Sister Little Sister Program

The Big sister Little Sister Program has been created to make Australia a smaller place for thise diagnosed with MRKH and for those close to them.  The Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation oversees the program, pairing women with one and other confidentially and mindfully, to create connections and develop the correct partnership identifying mentor (Bid Sister) and the mentee (Little Sister).

Get Connected with a Big Sister

If you are a woman who has recently been diagnosed with MRKH, the Big Sister Little Sister Program is here to assist ou throught the early stages of you MRKH journey.  Alternatively, you may be a woman who has for some time known of your MRKH diagnosis, however now is the right stage in our life to reach out to this unique communicty of women to sept away from isolation and find comfort in the guidance of somone who has walked a similar path.

Who becomes a Big Sister?


A Big Sister has volunteerd their time and experience, to assist women through their MRKH journey.  All Big Sisters are those who also have been diagnosed with MRKH and who reside in Australia or New Zealand.  A Big Sister is committed to helping women inders will offer immediate consulation, offering their transition to MRKH acceptance and understanding, whilst offering support and empathy without judgement or opinion.

Big Sisters receive ongoing support from the Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation throughout the program to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and empathy with a mentee, the Sisters for Love founders will offer immediate consultation, offering the correct informaiton immediately with the up-most confidence and privacy, offering continued support at the discretion of the mentor and mentee.

What is a Big Sister?

A Big Sister is someone who has gone through the tough times and come out the other side.

A Big Sister is someone who can listen and share their experiences, and knowing the right time to do both.

A Big Sister is someone who lives in Australia or New Zealand.

A Big Sister must exercise confidentiality with the upmost sensitivity and respect.

Can I become a Big Sister?


How do I Apply to become a Big or Little Sister?

Please contact the Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation with the following details:

  • Name
  • Area (State/Postcode)
  • A brief summary on your MRKH Journey
  • Who you want to become a Big or Little Sister

Terms and conditions will apply to protect the privacy of all women.

The Big Sister Mentoring Program