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​​​Dear My Sister ...

​It has taken me a while to get here, but I am now ready to share with you some of what has been my story. I hope your journey is not too painful, but with my words you may find some comfort that you are not alone. Here goes…….

What a difference a year makes! 

Its now officially 1 year since my "official" diagnosis. From the initial fear and embarrassment has come greater acceptance of myself and I feel like I am moving forward. I still find it difficult telling people and I'm not quite ready to shout it out to the world but i feel i have come a long way.  I have made some amazing connections with other women with mrkh and this has helped me the most. To know that I am not alone and to be accepted flaws and all has been the best part of my "journey".  

At 17 I was misdiagnosed. Its only as I near my forties that I have found out the name of my true condition. In one way I was saved from the angst in teenage hood, but in another the silence and misinformation was deafening. I always knew i couldn't have periods or children, naturally. I avoided these topics and shied away from relationships for fear of being different. My silence was my protection.  My diagnosis was my first real step to freedom from secrecy. 

I can't really put into words the relief  I have felt since my diagnosis. Meeting other women who each have there own stories has been amazing. I never realised how much I buried deep out of fear of rejection. Sharing stories, counselling and telling my close family and friends has been a new experience that i initially dreaded but find easier as time goes on.  I still struggle from time to time but can honestly say I have never felt more free to be who I am. 

This last year has helped me to realise I am different and that is ok. Instead of being scared I didn't fit societies expectations, I now feel more confident to be me. So, my advice for you is...

Don't be scared. 
Share and connect with others with MRKH.
Give yourself a break.
Live life boldly.
Be brave. 
Laugh love and smile whenever you can.

Your sister. xo
Tess, Melbourne

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