For Love



Samantha Ottley 


Ambassador | New Zealand 

Ko Samantha toku ingoa, Ko MRKH toku tātaritanga. 

 My name is Samantha, my diagnosis is MRKH. To write this, is a relief beyond measure, because it’s no longer lurking in the background, ready to strike just when I thought I had it all together and could take on the world. (Which, by the way, I still can.)

In reality, it has taken me nearly ten years to get to this point, and connect with the amazing network that is the Sisters for Love. Ten years spent blissfully in unknown denial, and a vague acceptance I was happy with myself and my diagnosis. Born and bred in the South of New Zealand, at 17 I accepted the impossible, thickened my skin (a little MRKH joke in there for you), and carried on doing what I was doing.

I began my official adult life with a job in telecommunications design, and after leaving for a three year stint in jaw-dropping Fiordland National Park, I went back. Fast forward in this brief but stunningly interesting story of myself, and I am still there, immensely enjoying what I do, now also a student/amazing expert studying my Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering. Almost a normal life. Almost. Except it’s not.

We have all been given a challenge in our lives. It takes guts, and courage. It’s full of sorrow and joy. I have no doubt you are all compassionate, beautiful women with so much to give this world. MRKH is our journey to share.

Fakataha ko tatou kaha.

As one we are strong.


Sisters For Love Ambassador