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Hi, my name is Micah. I am a thirty-three year old woman who has always wanted to be a mum, however when I was aged 15 years old (ish), I discovered that this was not possible the ‘natural’ way because I have a condition called, MRKH. To be honest, this was very hard to hear at such a young age. At the time of my diagnosis, my mum and dad were with me and we all cried - this is so hard to even write now. However, the older I get, the more I understand and the more I experience love for myself.

This to me has been one of the most empowering aspects of my life journey so far.  This journey has not at all been easy as a young woman - I often pushed my MRKH aside and focused on other parts of my life. From the age of say, fifteen until my late twenties, I did not see MRKH as a part of me - I just thought, I can deal with it later in my life and see how it will go then!

In my life, past boyfriends and 'flings' who I have disclosed my MRKH to, to be honest, seemed to lack (understandably) huge understanding and this was/is hard to stomach. In most instances, I didn’t understand the details myself -only just little bits here and there, which I had been told at a younger age. Over the last three years, since coming out of a long term relationship, I found self-discovery and since, I have dedicated my time to learning about me – me, the woman. It is truly amazing what you can find out about yourself and how you can grow.

During this time, I also wanted to learn more about my MRKH and I thought the best thing to do was to find a group of people who will understand and support me. So, I found the Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation and Ally. Our talks were amazing – I think the first time we ever spoke over the telephone was for nearly two hours and it was nothing short of great! Last year, I attended the Sisters for Love conference in Sydney - this was the best thing! So fun to connect with everyone and talk about everything-I loved every moment.

In my journey - in life with MRKH, I have realised that I am no less of a woman. I am a woman who has had to fight to love me. I see children in the world in need of a home possibly my future – perhaps my journey to motherhood is through surrogacy. But there is now hope. I have found love again with an amazing man that loves all of me. If I could tell my fifteen year old self anything, it would be the road may be sad at times – a huge challenge even. You may feel like there is no - one who understands you, but you will be surprised. There are women out there who understand, who have travelled on their journey too and who know, you are never, ever alone.

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