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​​​Dear My Sister ...

​It has taken me a while to get here, but I am now ready to share with you some of what has been my story. I hope your journey is not too painful, but with my words you may find some comfort that you are not alone. Here goes…….

I struggles a long time all alone with a condition that had no name and that no one else I knew ever had.  It took me from age 17 to age 61 to find out the name of that condition.  MRKH.  Having a name helped.

I couldn't believe that jost a name helped, but it did.  And then I cound a group!  And talking to others who understood helped.  And then I met a few sisters for a weekend and my life changed forever!!!  I was not alone.  I was not different anymore!  We knew and hugged immediately.  I will never forget that weekend.  The laughter, the tears, the moments of knowing exactly what someone else was thinking, and the moments of knowing someone else knew exactly what you were feeling!  With every opportunity to connect in person, I wish you all the same.

There is nothing quite like a MRKH sister.  They don't cut you down, they don't whisper behind your back.  They are there for you always.  Make many sisters.  They will always be there for you.

. . . . . . With love,

Your Sister Kay

Wisconsin, USA

Aged 68