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Ambassador | Victoria

My name is Jodie Coughlan and I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunty, cousin, niece, 
granddaughter, friend, social worker, teacher and Sisters for Love Ambassador and I have MRKH. No wonder I sometimes feel exhausted! I believe that no one role or label should ever define me and that I am indeed many things grand and wonderful and that, although life has thrown me some curveballs, I am and will always remain the driver of my destiny.

When I was diagnosed in 1987, there was no name and I felt completely alone and 
believed that no one in the world was like me. This did not make me feel special or unique but instead it made me feel odd and abnormal and I endeavoured to hide my condition because of feelings of shame. Now I am older, wiser and more informed and I look back on my younger self with empathy, compassion and a slight urge to slap myself!

I got married when I was 24 and after 20 years miraculously we are still together!  In our journey as a couple we investigated various options for parenthood and were foster carers for a while. What we discovered along the way was just how much fun life can be as a couple without children and we live and appreciate every day of this. We often breathe out slowly with gratitude after leaving the homes of friends or family with kids and on entering the quiet sanctuary of our home we are genuinely thankful for it.

When I first met other women with MRKH I was astounded by the grief they felt about not being able to be a mum and this, in some ways, isolated me even more for a while.  I failed to feel this level of grief and wondered again what was wrong with me.  Now I realize nothing, none of us are all the same, what we want from life is wide and vast.With age comes wisdom and I love nothing more than to impar t mine. I want to share my story to inspire others with MRKH to learn to love and accept themselves and to seek whatever support they need to do this. I want women with MRKH to know that they are not alone, that the condition need not define who they are and that life can be good, if not great, regardless.

Sisters For Love Ambassador