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My name is Jacqui.  I am twenty-four years old and was diagnosed with MRKH 6 years ago.  I've just manage to shock myself with the fact that it has only ​​been 3 years since diagnosis, as it has become such a huge part of the person I am today!

To begin with, I let it get to me.  I isolated myself, I made myself feel worthless and I told myself what I couldn't have anything, but that's the thing.......put those thoughts into my head.  It took hitting rock bottom to realise I was the only person who could stop these feelings.  So I found my nurse and we started treatment and I told everyone.........And I mean everyone!  Telling my story to the media in England was my attempt at ridding any possible taboo and despite them giving the article ugliest title imagineable, 'The Girl Born Without A Vagina', actually helped (me).  I received messages from girls all over the world!

My travel enthusiasm is what first introduced me to the 'Sisters For Love MRKH Foundation, whilst backpacking around Australia.  I even attended my first ever support group meeting and had the opportunity to meet a group of courageous, beautiful and inspiring women.  I walked into that meeting feeling good about myself, but I left feeling inspired.  Being given the opportunity to speak at the following meeting as part of a panel discussion was a feeling I couldn't describe and has left me wanting to do even more for this unique community.  

I believe that with humor and support you can get through anything and so here I am, ready to make inappropriate jokes to get you through this.

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