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Empowering the Collecting | A Global MRKH Movement 2017 

Do you want to be a part of the MRKH Patient Care Global Movement? The Beautiful You MRKH Foundation, Inc.'s partnership with Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute - PCORI and the Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation is about to make a groundbreaking impact in the world of MRKH health care, and we need your help! If you are an MRKH patient, parent, guardian, partner or health care provider be on the lookout for our survey next week. For the first time in history, your experiences and answers will determine how MRKH is diagnosed and treated around the world!

A GLOBAL MRKH Survey 2017 


​​MRKH Support Group Meeting - 2017 Date To Be Confirmed

The support group is a place where you can listen, share or just be in an environment which is safe, anonymous and allows you to interact and connect with women ‘just like you’, which we know from experience is as liberating as it is informative. To request an agenda please email

To register:

Please email Jennifer.Morrisey@SESIAHS.HEALTH.NSW.GOV.AU

The MRKH Support Group Committee was proudly formed as a consequence of the MRKH Support Group meetings. During the MRKH Support Group Meeting, we hold our Annual Committee meetings during the allocated lunch break, where all attendees are invited to join the meeting as Committee Members. If you do not wish to receive any related documentation applicable to the Committee meeting, please detail this in your registration. Any questions related to this component of the day, please email Ally Hensley, President of the MRKH Support Group Committee at

The MRKH Support Group Committee for the Royal Hospital for Women (Committee) in partnership with the Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation are pleased to offer travel awards to women with MRKH to assist in attending the MRKH Support Group Meeting at the Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick, to be held on Saturday 3 September 2016. The MRKH Support Group Committee will be awarding two travel awards up to the value of $250 each.  Travel awards will be granted after assessment of applications by the Committee. 

To request a Travel Award Application, please email 

Additional Information

Ally Hensley and Jaqi Quinlan would like to invite all attendees for an evening with the
Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation following the Support Group Meeting. More
details coming soon!

MRKH Family Planning Information Session 

Let's talk family planning and start the conversation that matters!

One of the key goals of the Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation is to deliver the support and information throughout the year, right into your very homes and continue the discussions surrounding family planning.

The beatuiful Jaqi Quinlan, co-founder of the Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation, hosts monthly one hour Skype sessions. Jaqi has worked extensively and interactively with Surrogacy Australia and is so very passionate about believing that nothing can prevent the motherhood dream apart from not believing hard enough.

This is not restricted to those who reside in Australia but the content will be hugely applicable to surrogacy processes and laws, adoption and the many challenges and opportunities directly linked to Australian regulation.

More dates coming soon!

Please email me to register, including your Skype address at

MRKH Group Therapy Workshops Seeking Participants 

The recognition for Psychological Support for women with MRKH is so necessary but not always readily available- but Australia is doing it!

Last year, Dr Jacoline Heller-Boersma facilitated the first series of MRKH Group Therapy Workshops supported and hosted by The Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney. Dr Heller-Boersma is a Psychologist with special interest and expertise with the MRKH Diagnosis and has attended the annual MRKH Support Groups for a number of years. Considered one of the leaders within her field internationally, as a dear friend and advisor to the Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation, on behalf of The Royal Hospital, we are so excited to share that for a second year, and Dr Heller-Boersma will be conducting a second series of MRKH Group Therapy Workshops commencing in May 2017.

If you are interested in registering and/or have any questions regarding this, please email Jennifer Morrisey, Unit Nurse Manager (Outpatients) - The Royal Hospital for Women @