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Dear My Sister

The Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation wants to hear the voices of others.

Our words can often be the key to acceptance, be it our own or a total strangers. The task of putting pen to paper can be as liberating a journey as finding a dear friend to chat with, who loves you unconditionally and without judgement. To write a letter can be the next best thing to showing up at someone’s door, often a substitute to closeness that technology or
geography will not allow for. The words poured into a letter can be kept in a shoe-box to the person it was meant for, or a ‘go-to’ reminder when in search of encouragement or inspiration. A letter can be our way of exploring ourselves when talking has been exhausted. A letter can be a place of forgiveness. 

The beginning and the ending will always remain the same, but Dear My Sister is your letter where change can happen. 

What would you tell your teenage self if given the chance?

What words of advice would you offer someone who feels alone out there, searching for answers?

What have you discovered is the key to living with the realities and truths of MRKH?

Dear My Sister,

It has taken me a while to get here, but I am now ready to share with you what has
been my story. I hope your journey is not too painful, but with my words you may
find some comfort. Here goes……..


………….. With Love,

Your Sister


Please email if you wish to submit your letter to Dear My Sister. Letters can be both signed off with your name or anonymously, your sister.