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Dear My Sister,

It has taken me a while to get here, but I am now ready to share with you what has
been my story. I hope your journey is not too painful, but with my words you may
find some comfort. Here goes……..

Talking about your self is never easy, however writing it is a little easier .

I have a little crazy story about my journey finding out I am a special person with MRKH. Back in Ireland at the age of 16 I was told after some investigation that I would never be able to have a baby myself I think I secretly already knew considering I hadn't started my period. All the girls in the class spoke about them and me pretending I felt and went through the same as all of them as time went by I that horrible feeling until that day in the hospital where I had an camera inserted through my belly button, later on in the evening when I had come round they told me I was born without a WOMB they never mentioned MRKH and pretty much left me on my merry way.

A number of years later I mean (fifteen years) and in a different and more support environment, after a number of failed several relationships, I stepped up and said to myself for me to ever lead a normal life-I need to do this for me! That's when after a few different meetings, I was referred to Rebecca Deans who told me about MRKH and it was how she explained it that made me feel 'weirdly excited'. Yes my heart sank, but it was the knowing I was not the only one and then she sent me on to the beautiful and wonderful Jennifer Morrissey who honestly for me, being away from home on the other side of the world, was my rock. Why you may ask? Well, I guess for fifteen years I had been running away from dealing with this and then when I did decide to deal with it, she not only made me feel relaxed, but she also talked everything through. Jennifer knew that my mother didn't know anything that I was going through and after a few meetings and chatting she had made me feel comfortable to tell my own mother (I hadn't told my own mother, as I guess the easiest think for me was to run).

I sometimes think us beautiful ladies with MRKH are kinda in advance. We have known that we couldn't carry our own child - yes,and its not necessarily how most of us would have planned our life but life would be pretty boring if we were all the same. I admit, I do find it hard at times and everyone will have their own little things that set them off but everyday is an exciting new step for a few different reasons. I am now learning to accept myself, and even though we haven't met yet and I hope we will some day, I have gained a lot of sisters through MRKH.

MRKH has been a learning curve for me, never run away from something look it right in the face and deal with it. There maybe some lumps and bumps along the way but that's where the support comes in FAMILY ... I should have asked my mother for help but from now on I know she is my 'Guardian Angel'- although she may not always be able to relate, she loves and cares for me and will support me no matter what and finally thatMRKH can sometimes help you get that last cookie in the cookie jar just to make you feel special!!

Everyone is different and everyone will have a different area of MRKH that they will feel more affected by, that why its important as SISTERS that we stick together and support and help each other.

Love, hugs and Support...

Your Sister
Ireland, aged 31