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Sisters For Love

Ambassador Program


A Sisters for Love Ambassador is accepting and open with her MRKH Diagnosis

  • To openly share her diagnosis and journey of MRKH
  • To openly share her road to acceptance and understanding of self-discovery
  • To openly share the condition of MRKH through written, visual and verbal communication

A Sisters for Love Ambassador is innovative

  • To create awareness and advocacy via 'out-of-the-box' methods of awareness
  • To anticipate the future and vision of this unique community
  • To inspire fellow sisters to learn the mastery of seeing and accepting beauty just as it is

A Sisters for Love Ambassador is professional

  • To communicate with neutrality and integrity at all times
  • To become the outside extension of the Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation
  • to represent and endorse the Sisters for Love core values and mission

A Sisters for Love Ambassador has online presence

  • To be aware and connected with the global MRKH advocates, groups and leaders
  • To drive the online presence of the key website features and opportunities nationally and internationally through social media, blogs and media files
  • To conduct all online interaction with professionalism, understanding and empathy

A Sisters for Love Ambassador encompasses knowledge and research of MRKH

  • To hold a solid understanding of MRKH medical knowledge; including key characteristics, treatment options and correct referral centres applicable to Australia
  • To regularly research MRKH research outcomes past, present and future opportunities
  • To understand global medical infrastructures applicable to MRKH treatment and underoing research opportunities and outcomes

A Sisters for Love Ambassador is a leader

  • to operate with natural and effective leadership within the MRKH community
  • To inspire and support
  • To value oneself and the beauty within

We can't do this alone.  we don't want to do this alone.  By expanding and strenghtening the global footprint of advocaccy and support within a truly unique and diverse sisterhood of women, the future of MRKH connection and sustainability will continue.

By uniting a one voice, we can aim to make the world that little bit smaller for those looking to be heard.

Be a Sisters for Love Ambassador and carve the future for those who will embark on this journey alone and where we will be waitin to embrace them.

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