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Jaqi Quinlan and Ally Hensley



My name is Ally Hensley. I am an English girl living in Australia and was diagnosed with MRKH in 1997. I love yoga, writing and swimming at Bondi Beach whenever I can, whilst attempting to learn who I am in this big, wide world. I thrive on knowing that there is a way of making the world a smaller place for women with MRKH. ​​

Through my search for self-acceptance and a desire to meet women ‘just like me’, I discovered a need greater than my own, a need to perhaps do my bit-  to use this incredible empowerment I have found over the years and start talking aloud to those who are willing to listen, and likewise, to those who want to be heard. To provide support and awareness through both online and face-to-face mediums, whilst providing accurate and understandable medical information, endorsed by a partnered medical community, is a goal which remains close to my heart.

​​​​It occurred to me, whilst writing this bit for ‘about me’, that it is entirely possible that I could have taken the same bus with you, or bought a coffee alongside you in a café, I may have even shared your dreams. So easily unidentified, though profoundly similar.  I know the sadness and shame you may feel and I know the desire to walk away from a lonely life to one with filled with empowerment and simplicity. Perhaps you are a woman who can offer wisdom where friendships can form. The potential for change is endless. In January 2014, the Sisters for Love, MRKH Foundation was launched.

In addition to co-founding the Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation, I am the co-founder of Global MRKH which is the first consortium formed to improve the health and well-being for all who are touched by MRKH. Global MRKH is an international collective of Health Care Specialists, Researchers and Advocacy groups dedicated to improving patient care, biomedical research and the psychosocial needs of affected individuals and family members. ​In addition to this, Ally is also the President of the MRKH Support Group Committee alongside a number of members, including key executive representatives with The Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney established in March 2015. My most recent passion project, The Happy V, co-created with good friend Kristy, is a place which explores sex and sexualtiy in a unique way.  What does the V stand for?  Well vagina and vulva of course.  And the happy bit?  Happiness is a state of mind, no matte how you were born everyone can have a happy and fulfilling sense of sexual well-being.  Thus, The Happy V. 

In August 2017, I was appointed as Global Patient Advocate, joing a team of experts at the Australian Uterus Transplant Research Centre, acting as an advocate for choice and supporting ongoing research efforts in assisted fertility developments, governed by the best interests of those with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kauster-Hauser Syndrome.  I thrive on exploring a new era of making the taboo less taboo and if you haven't heard from me yet - you probably will soon! 

​Sisters in Silence. Sisters in Noise. Sisters for Love.